Laser Hair Reduction

Clara MediSpa offers the highest quality in laser hair reduction. For individuals seeking the safest and most effective results, our Colorado Springs med-spa is the right choice.

We are dermatology providers, so safety is our number one concern. We are dermatologist-owned and operated. Our laser hair removal is only performed by a dermatology nurse practitioner, so we can ensure your treatment is done correctly and we maintain your skin’s health. We encourage a test spot prior to treatment in sensitive areas or for sensitive skin types.

Laser Hair Reduction Colorado Springs

We use multiple lasers so we can customize treatment. These are premium hair reduction lasers with real-time calibration, ensuring your safety and maximum effectiveness.

We can treat all skin types. We are able to treat all skin types, even darker skin. We can also treat lighter hairs that many other clinics cannot.

We are efficient. We are able to treat large areas such as women’s legs and men’s backs quickly and safely.

Call Clara MediSpa for your appointment at (719) 579-5555, or request a consultation online.

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